7 Amazing Aircraft you must see It

Hey hello, there this is me ASHUTOSH JANGDE here today we are going to show you these 7 Amazing aircraft that might take Place of the existing Aircrafts.

Watch out our list.

NASA Supersonic X-plane FLYING MACHINE
Have you ever heard a sonic boom before? If you have you know they are loud but they are not just loud they are illegal. Aircraft are no longer allowed to produce a sonic boom over populated areas because of hearing loss and infrastructure damage. This actually is a problem when it comes to making air travel faster and more affordable.Well NASA is out to fix this problem.

So we added this to the list for a few reasons.Wouldn’t be cool for a local golf course or football game to have one of these flyings over your city.This is the future of blimps and we all know that they crash from time to time so we wonder why people still fill these things up with flammable gasses and expect to never have an accident.

This is another concept on future blimps. This thing actually looks like it belongs on Venus or Mars. But if you are going to be in a huge futuristic blimp then why not do it in style. The Aether cruise offers just that. It is basically an air luxury cruise liner. Kinda looks like that ship from the 5th element.

Here’s another take on a flying car or a Passenger drone. We were going to use this in our video 7 Passenger DRONES YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE but unfortunately it’s still just a concept.

Future Russian Aircraft PAK TA FLYING MACHINE
With All the superpowers investing in their Military, it makes you wonder why? Where do we go from where we are at now. Well, you build big ass planes that can carry up to 400 Armata tanks and can travel at supersonic speeds.

Have you ever just wanted to fly from your driveway to your parking space at work. Then maybe the XTI is for you.
The XTI isn’t a new idea. It’s basically another flying car. What really sets them apart is their idea of not making it a plane with fold-able wings but more of a VTOL concept.

Do you have $1.5 million laying around? If so this flying car is for you.
Remember how I was talking about those planes that just have folding wings so it can just drive into your garage. Well this company basically pioneered that idea of a flying car.