How does a gun works

Gun, How does it work.How does a gun works

Gun as you all know about guns what do they used to and what they can so today we are going to see how does a gun work.

Hey, whats up, guys, this is me Ashutosh jangde again so today we are going to see how does a gun work with its practical knowledge.

A gun is a setup of the mechanism for shooting a projectile at high-speed from a small pocket gun it will be a bullet and a big battle gun it will be a bomb.

simply you can understand the working of a gun as a cardboard rocket when we ignite it just flew into the sky.

while the guns do this in a more precise way they ignite the solid fuel usually gunpowder filled inside the bullet by triggering a small spark into the bullet.this bullet travels in the desired direction.

Cartridge or bullet.

what common people think it is a bullet but its real name is a cartridge that contains Bullet, bullet shell, gunpowder and a primer.a small primer like thing is first ignited and create a small explosion inside the gun shell.

a high-pressure gas generates due to this explosion and causes the bullet to travel at high in the forward direction.

Why does this high-pressure gas tend to push cartridge 

Here is the science As you people know the Newtons third law of motion “Each action has equal and opposite reaction” the same principle applied here as this high pressure comes out from the cartridge and applies repulsion force on the cartridge to travel in the forward direction.

The same thing is applied to the Light field gun but in two stages as they fire heavily weighted bombs in the first stage the repulsion force is generated and when they hit the target bang.