Radiator,How does it work



A radiator is a heat exchanger that is used for cooling engines of cars, vehicles and machines.it is categorized as an accessory for controlling the temperature of the engine and eliminate the excess amount of heat from the engine.

The radiator works on the principle of energy flow from high temperature to the low-temperature.different type of radiators available on the basis of coolant, structure and the purpose for use.

Heat transfer in a radiator occurs by all mechanism Radiation, convection into flowing air or liquid, conduction into liquid and air.

In practice, a radiator is a setup of pipes in which liquid circulates that exposed to the air or another liquid.

Use of Radiator

Radiators are used mostly for two purpose Cooling and Heating.

Cooling of the engine

A radiator is commonly used in an automobile for extracting the excess amount of heat from the engine but also used in locomotive, motorcycle and power plants.where a huge amount of heat generated.

Engine cooling

to cool down the engine fluid or oil is circulated from the engine block where it absorbs the heat from the engine.this hot oil is delivered to the inlet tank of the radiator, from which it is distributed to the radiator and flows through the tube that is exposed to the air.when this hot oil is passed through the tube it transfers heat to the tube which transfers heat to the fins that are extended to increase the surface area.these fins then transfer heat to the ambient air.these fins are used to increase the surface area of the heat transfer that increases the efficiency of heat transfer.