Rocket, what is a rocket and how it works


What is this thing rocket 

Rocket is a tall big vehicle used for launching spacecraft and satellite to the orbit or on the interplanetary missions.they just take the object to space by attaining escape velocity and reaching the desired height for different missions.

It works on the Newtons third law “that each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. the propellant fuel inside the combustion chamber burnt and exits through the nozzle at the very high speed which is 6 to 8 time of the speed of sound this high-speed exhaust gas generates the required amount of thrust.

Components of Rockets.

A rocket consists of  Propellant, Propellent tank, Nozzle and various mountings to control the flight such as Fins, vernier engines, Gyroscope and monocoque structure and nose cone which is used for payloads.

The rocket engine works on the principle of Jet propulsion. Modern rockets are chemically powered and use an internal combustion process to generate hot exhaust gases.when Propellent is mixed with oxidiser and a chemical process is initialized by burning kerosene inside the combustion chamber very hot gases generated and emits through rearward facing nozzle.


During the flight, several forces applied to the vehicle.

  1. Thrust lifts the rockets and acts towards the motion of flight.
  2. Drag is a resisting force that acts opposite to the direction of motion.
  3. Gravitational force acts downwards and equal to the weight of the rocket. to overcome this engine has to generate more thrust.
  4. The lift force is negligible and acts at the right angle to the thrust.

Why does Rocket shape is cylindrical only?

When anything travels through air it applies a resistance force to reduce these resistance rockets must be in the cylindrical shape.