SpaceX CEO Elon musk most ambitious Project Falcon Heavy rocket goes on Mars

SpaceX Ceo Elon Musk most ambitious project to land the first man on the Mars started with the launching of Falcon heavy-duty rocket launch from Kennedy space centre, Florida.

falcon heavy duty is the worlds most powerful rocket after the Saturn V  SpaceX is the private organization established in the year 2002 by its founder Elon Musk who is the current CEO.

Elon Musk thins it will be the game over of space rivalry to land on the Mars.

Here are the different facts about the Falcon heavy duty

It is the worlds most powerful operational rocket with a lifting capacity of 64 metric tonnes or 64000 kg.

its first stage is composed of 9 falcon engine that is powered by another 27 Merlin engine which generates 2267961.85kg thrust that is equal to eighteen 747 jetliners.

Falcon second stage is powered by a single Merline engine that is capable to operate in the vacuum of space for multiple times it is similar to the first stage but in-house modification made it possible to operate in the vacuum of the space.

Falcon heavy core is designed to fully reusable with legs on the core & booster.

one of the funny things is that falcon carries Elon Musk Tesla Roadster is also gone to the ride of space as the payload  with a dummy driver on the seat




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