How does a tank work and which tank USA army uses

How does a tank work and which tank Indian army usesHow does a tank fire

The tank is developed by the Brtish army during world war 2 to beat the Germans.that has a top speed of 2.5Mile per hour.










A tank has three things to do

  • Movement
  • Firing 
  • Escape 

The tank is a modern armoured war machine and plays a vital role in the war it is a combination of the different machine component to perform all the above operation.How does a tank fire

  • Caterpillar track
  • Internal combustion engine
  • Turret.
  • Hull.
  • Armour.
  • Guns.

caterpillar tracks are reversed mechanism of the crank and chain of the bicycle as the two sprockets are connected with a chain and transfer the power between the cranking sprocket and the rear wheel.

similarly, tracks are connected to the turrets or steel sprocket these are powered by an internal combustion engine.

There is some question arises in your mind.

  • why does tank uses the caterpillar tracks instead of the wheel?
  • How do they firebomb?

Caterpillar tracks provide a bigger surface contact area instead of a small contact area with a wheel that makes a tank capable of movement in muddy slippery surface do you know a tank can go inside a small river.

Do you know how does Tank named Tank?

The British army want to develop a landboat to beat the Germans in the second world war so they developed a machine that can run and able to fire so they come with the idea that a boat that can run on the land and slippery surface as this project is very classified so they don’t want to reveal anything about it during the transportation of these heavy machines they tagged theme as Tank than they know as tank.

now come to another point how does a tank fire?

the tank has a big gun that is loaded with that fires you can just understand it by a small gun as it fires a bullet through producing high pressure inside the muzzle but there is a difference between a bullet and tank bomb that they explode after hitting the target.

you might understand that with looking at this Article.