Tesla Semi Truck price @ competitive price you will get 

tesla semi
                                                                                                                          Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi truck at such a competitive cost, now the days are coming in which as a trucker you will not harm the environment as well as your pocket.

Last weak Tesla announced it’s first ever or you can say first high range electric truck.On the revealing of Tesla, Semi Elon Musk has talked about its performance and energy efficient more than the Diesel Semi truck and it’s operating cost of $1.25 compared to $1.51 that of diesel truck but make a suspension of its price that is now revealed by Tesla.

There are two version of Tesla Semi one has 300-mile range while another is 500-mile range And the cost of both regular versions is $ 150, 000 and $ 180,000 respectively while the company is also announced only1000 founder series units  will be available to purchase at a cost of $ 200,000,

The interested buyers of the Tesla Semi have an opportunity to reserve a truck by depositing $20,000 for the standard version and $200,000 full for founder series Semi truck.

In Comparison, most diesel Semi truck will cost around $100,000 to$120,000.

When Musk announced the capacity of the battery pack which will be installed in Semi last weak every one expects the cost of the Semi will be closer to $ 250,000 or $300,000.

But at a cost of $180,000 Tesla motor surprised everyone.

The cost of the Tesla Semi is very close to its competitive diesel-burning truck and also additional cost savings as a result of low per mile operating cost as well as low maintenance cost over the truck lifetime.